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Are you a health & social care professional with an innovative health idea?

Optimising innovation

We can provide support to health and care project partners throughout the innovation process from initial concept development through to product adoption and integration across appropriate health and care settings. We can support you in defining the challenge, realising the solution and ensuring that the developed innovation is fit for purpose dressing the needs of citizens and heath and care professionals in Scotland.

Areas of focus

Our work explores digital solutions that address specific areas. These have been selected for the potential impact they could have in improving approaches to how health and care is delivered and received.

Alternative digital wellness

What’s the best way to redirect services away from overstretched primary services and back into the community?

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What are effective methods to support the patient to take ownership of the management of their own health?

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Decision support

How can we provide trustworthy guidance to aid decisions made by staff or carers in the community?

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Care in a homely setting

We are living longer and require treatment for multiple long-term conditions.

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Emerging technologies

When and how can we utilise emerging technologies towards improving health and care services?

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Our partners

We create innovative partnerships between industry, professionals and academics. Take a look at the vast range of founding, networking and strategic partners that support and drive the work we do

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The Digital Health & Care Institute (DHI) have helped facilitate and fund cutting edge work that would not otherwise be supported by more traditional research grant routes but which has the potential for significant impact on health outcomes. This has fuelled genuine practical innovation and light touch evaluation and supported potential commercialisation of tools developed from within an academic healthcare setting. It has allowed us to accelerate diabetes healthcare innovation more quickly into a potentially commercialisable product that could have widespread benefit.
Dr Debbie Wake, Consultant Physician, NHS Tayside

Support we can offer you as a health and care professional

From collaboration support through to solution mapping , we offer a range of services to help health and care professionals make digital health solutions a reality.

Tailor-made workshops

As well as our large exploratories, we can also organise smaller, tailor-made workshops on request. The purpose of these could be to help an organisation conceptualise or tackle a problem in a different way, or to simply find out more about the innovation process of the DHI. 

We recently organised a workshop on e-Prescription services for the National Services Scotland e-prescription team. The task was to find out “how to remove paper from the prescription services in Scotland.”  To kick this off our team carried out research into different e-prescription services around the world, presenting examples of systems which have removed paper from the prescription systems. The participants, working in smaller groups, were then given a series of questions and ranking exercises to help them identify what types of barriers there were in the Scottish prescription service to remove the paper and help them think how these barriers could be removed.

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Find collaborative project partners

At DHI we bring together people and organisations in the health and social care, charity, technology, design and academic sectors to develop new ideas for digital technology and information services, with the aim of improving the delivery of health and care services for the people of Scotland. 

If you want to start a project with us we can help find the right academic and business partner for you and your project.


Part or our remit is to arrange exploratories, which are large workshops that bring together diverse stakeholders (e.g. academics, business, industry and technology experts, health and social care practitioners, designers, NHS service users, carers, charities, policy makers etc.) to explore questions too large for one party to find an answer to. Exploratories are also used to:

  • map out problem areas
  • identify opportunities for innovation
  • better define a proposed area for innovation

During our exploratory workshops we utilise different formats and methodologies to capture, and actively stimulate, innovative thinking and the demand for solutions and novel, user-driven approaches.

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Design thinking

User led design means that the users are involved throughout the design and development of all our digital health and care technologies. Actively involving clinicians, businesses, academics, citizens and carers throughout the process allows for a clear understanding of the problem at hand, and the active involvement of the user means feedback can be integrated into the design.

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How it works 

The journey begins with an idea or solution that can transform how health and care is provided in Scotland.

Explore our 9 step process and learn how it works.

Have a question?

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about how we work with health and care professionals. And if you cant find what your looking for then get in touch with our team.

I am a clinician, can I develop a project with DHI?

Yes, you can if you team up with an academic that can lead the research study about the proposed innovation. DHI funding only covers academic costs, so we can only fund academic institutions. However, we could help you find an academic if you do not have one.

How can a health and care professional contribute towards a DHI project?


Professionals can be involved in a DHI project by offering their clinical or health and care expertise. DHI expects clinicians or any health and care professionals to offer some of their clinical time, capability and/or resources as in kind contributions towards the project.

Can DHI help me to develop a clinical trial?

No. DHI is not involved in developing clinical trials due to the high timescales and costs involved. DHI fund pieces of research related to proof of concept or the development of a technology that could be applied in health and care settings. The findings of this study could help you set the basis for a potential clinical trial at a later stage.

Supporting charities and third sector

We bring together people and organisations in the health and social care, charity, technology, design and academic sectors to develop new digital health innovations. Our third sector support services help innovative ideas become real products projects that are commercially viable and deliver significant health and wellbeing improvement.

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Upcoming events

Events are vital to help grow and establish your network in the emerging digital health and care sector. Why not take a look at upcoming events that may be of interest to you and your organisation?

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