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Are you a charity or third sector organisation with an interest in digital health & care?

Driving innovation development fit for citizen needs

We can provide support to third sector partners throughout the innovation process from initial concept development through to product adoption and integration across appropriate health and care settings. We can support you in defining the challenge for citizens, realising the best possible solution and ensuring that the developed innovation is fit for purpose dressing the needs of citizens in Scotland.

Areas of focus

Our work explores digital solutions that address specific areas. These have been selected for the potential impact they could have in improving approaches to how health and care is delivered and received.

Alternative digital wellness

What’s the best way to redirect services away from overstretched primary services and back into the community?

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What are effective methods to support the patient to take ownership of the management of their own health?

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Decision support

How can we provide trustworthy guidance to aid decisions made by staff or carers in the community?

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Care in a homely setting

We are living longer and require treatment for multiple long-term conditions.

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Emerging technologies

When and how can we utilise emerging technologies towards improving health and care services?

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Our innovation model

Learn about the different stages of the collaborative innovation model we use for our digital health and care projects.

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Our vision is to use innovative software to create on demand access to emotional support and the transformative therapeutic power of counselling to all areas of Scotland
Tanya Anderson, CrossReach

Support we can offer you as a third sector professional

From collaboration facilitation through to tailor made workshops, we offer a range of services to help third sector organisations make digital health solutions a reality.


The laboratories seek to promote collaboration between different parties in order to tackle the complex health challenges facing Scottish society.

Each element of a lab is carefully designed to make participants feel comfortable to share their personal experiences and think creatively. Researchers work with participants to generate ideas and co-design new services.

Putting the end user of a service at the centre of the design process is vital as their insights mean the ideas generated have a greater chance of success when they are further developed.

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Health and care sector advice

Bringing your innovation idea to life can take careful preparation and research.

We offer expert advice, ensuring that you get the very highest standards of strategy review, market strategy development, advice on funding opportunities, an understanding of health economics and areas for application of ideas or products.

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The DHI community

Our collaborative and engaged community of like-minded members contribute insight, know-how, funding and research to help turn the spark of an idea into a lasting change in the delivery of health and social care.

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Partnership management 

All DHI project applications require an academic, business and civic partner for approval. The engagement team can facilitate strategic and operational partnerships between these agencies to create the necessary collaborative arrangement to support the project objectives. In the first instance we will work with Scottish academic, business and civic partners but also have established relationships with global bodies for the provision of further digital health expertise or thought leadership.

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How it works 

The journey begins with an idea or solution that can transform how health and care is provided in Scotland.

Explore our 9 step process and learn how it works.

Have a question?

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about how we work with third sector organisations. And if you cant find what your looking for then get in touch with our team.

I work in a third sector organisation, could I develop a project with DHI?

Yes, you can if you team up with an academic that can lead the research study about the proposed innovation. DHI funding only covers academic costs, so we can only fund academic institutions. However, we could help you find an academic partner if you do not have one.

What could my third sector organisation offer to a DHI project?

Third sector organisations can also be involved in a DHI projects by offering their access to population groups. A charity could offer access to group of people experiencing a specific type of health conditions (e.g. Dementia Scotland). Councils could offer access to group with a variety of health and care needs in a specific area (e.g. Midlothian Council). DHI expects the third sector representatives to offer some of their time, capability and/or resources as in kind contributions towards the project.

What DHI looks from a civic partner?

DHI wants to see the potential civic benefit that the proposal might generate in relation to patients, system and/or services. The presentation of relevant statistics and how the proposal follows relevant Scottish National strategies and policies will be useful for this purpose.

Learn how third sector organisations are benefiting from working with DHI

We bring together people and organisations in the health and social care, charity, technology, design and academic sectors to develop new digital health innovations. See the work being achieved by third sector collaborations with industry that's changing the way health and care services are delivered in Scotland.

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Events are vital to help grow and establish your network in the emerging digital health and care sector. Why not take a look at upcoming events that may be of interest to you and your organisation?

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