To help facilitate your innovation we offer a number of services. In addition to providing grant funding, we will also support and facilitate the delivery of your project.

DHI project funding

As the DHI is funded by the Scottish Funding Council, we can directly fund Scottish Higher Education Institutes via grant awards for impact or translational research activities that result in publication.

Who can access our funding?

As our funding comes from the Scottish Funding Council, we can only directly fund Scottish Higher Education Institutes via grant awards for impact or translational research activities that result in publication, and accelerate the development of digital products or services. Typically other project partners from business and civic sectors will bear the remaining costs for project delivery.

On occasion, project applicant groups may include other organisations from other sectors (non-academic) who also require funding towards the project. Whilst we can't directly fund these partners, we can help signpost and support their application into the other funding mechanisms available. 

Not an academic? We can still help

Just because we can't directly fund third sector organisations or businesses, doesn’t mean that you can't have a project with us. It’s not important where great ideas come from, you might be a surgeon, a patient, a business person or a company working on an exciting emerging technology. 

Whatever walk of life you're from we can help you find an academic partner and support you through mentoring and signposting to other funding streams.

Other support & funding

Eligible costs

We will primarily fund research staff at 80% Full Economic Costs (FEC). Normally small percentages are expected for travel, publication and dissemination costs. In some cases we may fund specialist equipment where required, or we may lend you such equipment from our digital equipment banks.

We will not pay consultancy fees, and the grant recipient cannot distribute the grant monies to any other organisation. In some limited cases clinical research costs can be met. 

DHI funding status

DHI grant award funding has been fully allocated for the current funding cycle up to January 2017, so we are not processing any new projects at this time.

We are pleased to confirm that DHI has recently received an offer of funding in support of its future business plan (phase two).  DHI is now a “challenge-led” organisation where our work programmes are based on themes determined by the Scottish Government Health & Social Care directorate.

As a result, DHI will no longer have an ‘open application policy’. Phase two will see us move to challenge-led areas of work, from which we will raise calls to form collaborative projects.

In support of this, we are no longer seeking specific project ideas, but instead we are seeking businesses, organisations, academics, health and care professionals and others to register their capabilities with us. We will pool these interests and call on them should they be relevant to the identified themes. Please register your details in the relevant pool(s) detailed below:

  • Service capabilities organisations and businesses to register their service capabilities for consideration in potential future projects
  • Professional capabilities (researchers, health and care professionals) - for individuals to register their professional expertise, skills and experience for consideration in potential future projects. This includes academics and health and care professions registering their disciplines.

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Below we have our most frequently asked questions on our phase one funding status, however if you can't find the question your looking for then get in touch with our project team.

Can the DHI provide funding for my proposed project?

DHI Phase 1 funding is fully allocated. DHI is in discussions with Scottish Government and the Scottish Funding Council about DHI Phase 2, proposed to commence in Spring-Summer 2017. While DHI Phase 1 focused on individual product developments, in this future phase DHI’s funding model would change – likely focussing on larger programmes of work that combine many capabilities to answer challenges set by those delivering health & care services. 

If you would like your product / idea / capability to be considered should DHI Phase 2 go ahead as planned, then please either:

DHI would then keep your submission in our pool's and notify you if an appropriate challenge is raised that could make use of your capability. This would occur no sooner than February 2017.

Can the DHI provide Business and/or Marketing support for my project?

The DHI Phase 1 business development and marketing team is limited and focuses most of its efforts on our current portfolio of funded projects. DHI will offer more support services during its second phase. 

In the meantime:

Can the DHI provide my project with design support?

DHI has access to a team of designers from the Glasgow School of Art. This resource is fully allocated for the current DHI portfolio – so there is no prospect of DHI offering design support before February 2017. However, in early 2017 design supported scoping activities would commence to support DHI Phase 2. If you are interested in taking part tell us about product / idea / capability:

If you would like to see the outputs of this work, please sign up to become a DHI member.

Can the DHI put me into contact with appropriate partners and collaborations?

DHI has many conversations ongoing with many collaborations and consortiums. If you submit an idea, making it clear what you are looking for in a partner, we will do our best to assist.

Can the DHI provide lab testing support for my project?

In short – no. the DHI Experience Laboratories are design-led workshop activities. The DHI currently has no testing environment, though a technical workshop is planned for DHI Phase 2.

Can the DHI perform horizon scanning for my project field?

DHI Phase 1 offered horizon scanning in the form of the DHI Exploratory. As this phase comes to a close, Dhi will no longer offer product focused Exploratory services. Instead, Dhi will, beginning in February 2017, begin to proactively publish briefings to support you exploration of emerging digital health & care possibilities. Again please make this sort of request clear when you submit your idea, and DHI will endeavour to cover research requirements when they sufficiently are in demand.

Can the DHI provide guidance and input towards the commercialisation of my project?

As this FAQ describes throughout, DHI resource for the remainder of Phase 1 is finite, and so DHI will not engage with you unless you can submit an engagement form and we feel we can easily add value. This may just be networking or informal advice / signposting. DHI Phase 2 proposes to more formally support commercialisation activities in partnership with the Scottish Enterprise agencies. Sign up for membership to hear more about this as it emerges in the New Year.

Other funding opportunities

Not an academic but require funding to support your project? Beyond DHI funding there's a variety of other funding opportunities available for digital health and care projects that you may be eligible for. Why not explore these options below.

Funding in Scotland

To help nurture innovation in Scotland there are a number of organisations out there offering funding and support to SMEs. Take a look at the options and see what's right for you.

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Funding in UK

If you have an innovative project/idea then the UK offers a range of funding opportunities. There are lots of avenues to explore to find the funding that is right for your project.

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Funding in the EU

At the moment there’s still EU funding available with a number of opportunities against the work streams set for 2016-17.

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