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Our team offer expert event services, including workshops, speakers and intelligence sharing events, all of which are at the forefront of digital health and care technology.

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Engaging, educational and inspiring

We have a highly knowledgeable team of digital health and care experts that love to share the exiting potential of the convergence of technology and health.

Event planning and partnerships

Our in-house events team plan and organise DHI’s events, supporting with delegate management, logistics, content and presentation development and more.

We also partner with events across the UK and Europe to help create a platform to engage senior healthcare stakeholders, academics, businesses and charities, in order to understand how the latest, innovative technology will enable an accelerated move towards patient centric integrated health and social care.


Our events team can help develop and facilitate workshops for digital health and care conferences. Our workshops can be bespoke to the event challenge or simply get delegates to think differently about innovation, user led design and collaboration.

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Keynote speakers

Our team of experts know the challenges faced in the health and care service in Scotland and how digital can help transform these services.

At events our team can help break down the challenges faced and educate delegates around digital health and how this can benefit Scotland’s economy, services and citizens. Our team has a wealth of experience at presenting at both small and large conferences, nationally and internationally.

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Showcasing digital health and care innovation in Scotland

With over 100 projects at DHI we have a number of developed projects that we can showcase, creating an atmosphere where delegates can see and understand the benefits of digital health and care, whilst seeing how they work for themselves.

We also exhibit at a wide range of health, care and innovation events across Scotland, the UK and Europe. 

DHI is one of Scotland's Innovation Centres, and as a collective, the innovation centres exhibit 'Innovation Avenue' at any Scottish event aiming to showcase innovation across multiple sectors across Scotland.

A Scottish Ecosystem for Innovation is a member of the ECHAlliance International Network; a community of 25 Ecosystems across Europe, North America and China. The ECHAlliance supports Ecosystems throughout the International Network to share challenges, opportunities, priorities and best practice, facilitating collaboration across borders.

A Scottish Ecosystem for Innovation brings together academics, businesses, health and care professionals, charities, government and citizens to explore health and care challenges in Scotland and what role technology can play. Four ecosystem events a year are facilitated by the DHI and they are focused on specific topics relevant to the current challenges. These events see delegates explore and rationalise the problems, specify user needs and how technology can help tackle these problems.

DHI are proud to form and facilitate A Scottish Ecosystem in partnership with the ALLIANCE, Scottish Government, eHealth, NHS24 and Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare. The Ecosystem commits to delivering 4 Ecosystem events per year, aimed at leaders from industry, academia and health and social care in Scotland.

We also offer universities the opportunity to host the ecosystem. If you are interested contact our events team.

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    A driven and dedicated team

    Discover the wealth of talent already working here and see the diverse experience they bring to help Scotland’s digital health innovators thrive.

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    Developing innovation in Scotland

    We bring together health and social care, charity, technology, design and academic sectors to develop new ideas for digital health.

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