Decision support

Decision support is hugely important for healthcare professionals to be able to make the right decisions in real time to best support the needs of the citizens who use these services.


billion devices estimated to be connected within the Internet of Things by 2020.

The challenge

In our data-driven world, clinical decision support services make use of a variety of patient data sources in order to provide timely information, allowing healthcare professionals to carry out more informed diagnoses and clinical decisions.

With more people using the national health service than ever before it is imperative that we make sure healthcare professionals are properly trained and that best practice is shared among different service provisions. This will ensure that the citizens receive the best level of care and that it is consistent across all services.

Improving clinical decision making

Decision support for healthcare professionals and carers will allow for more informed decisions to be made in the community and can take over routine tasks, forewarn of potential problems or provide suggestions for the clinical team and patient to consider. There will be two types of decision support:

Informational suport

This includes any technology which gives health care professionals informative support on how to access and make use of directories, specific applications and many other databases of knowledge.

Intervention support

This includes any kind of technology which goes beyond informational support, that is, anything that would interfere with a health care professionals normal decision making process. For example diagnostics, medical devices and many others.


Of trial CDSS showed significantly improved clinical practice.

Potential solutions

The possibilities to create effective decision support services through our innovation model are great. Our solutions would look to address:

  • Informational support e.g. directories, guidance apps etc.
  • Intervention’ support e.g. diagnostics, decision tools etc.

Examples of the solutions that might address these challenges are:

  • A clinician-facing digital tool that provides up to date information for the treatment and self-management of diabetes
  • An app that provides analytical support for the assessment of skin lesions and moles
  • A digital tool that will forewarn the onset of frailty
  • A browser-based video


Engaging with the development of innovations in decision support provides many possible benefits including:

  • Provision of consistent up to date information
  • Standardisation of clinical approach across all geographical regions
  • Sharing of best practice protocols

Supporting alternative digital wellness innovations

We offer support throughout the innovation process from concept development through to adoption and integration into appropriate health and care settings.

How we help

  • 1Tell us about your idea
  • 2Collaborate with our partners
  • 3Start innovating
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Our decision support service projects

We bring together people and organisations in the health and social care, charity, technology, design and academic sectors to develop new ideas for decision support. From an app that provides support in the diagnosis of the cause of moles to a clinician facing digital tool that provides up to date information for the treatment and self-management of diabetes. Take a look at our innovative projects.

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