Alternative digital wellness

Primary care services are handling ever-increasing workloads and we need to find smarter, more efficient ways of managing and delivering health and care services.


of patient interaction takes place within primary care services.

The challenge

Digital technology can help us look after our health, prevent disease, diagnose disease earlier, access healthcare remotely and receive care when we chose. Through digital health innovations, we aim to redirect services away from overstretched primary health and care services back into the community to benefit both the health service and the patients.

Primary care services include GPs, pharmacies, dental practices and optometrists, each of which contribute to high-quality care and positive patient experiences. With increasing demand due to demographic shifts in the population and high patient expectations, approaches to primary health care must adapt and integrate innovations to provide the best possible service to its patients.

Driving efficiencies and improving health outcomes

As one of our key strategic areas of improvement, we believe an alternative digital wellness service would have a large impact on the provision of health and social care delivery in Scotland. We are looking for innovative ways to address the challenges within this area and we have split the primary care workload into several basic groupings:

Complex care

Complex care focuses mainly on the elderly and / or vulnerable groups. GPs are uniquely positioned to drive and enhance care planning for these groups and, on the whole, these are the people that should be having regular face to face time with a GP.

Simpler long term condition management

This area largely focuses on secondary prevention after an adverse event or diagnosis. A significant amount of the interactions in this space relate to ongoing health monitoring and lifestyle advice. However, even with digital intervention, a basic level of face to face contact will likely be required going forward.

Pre-condition wellness

Pre-condition wellness relates to check-ups for those at risk, or who perceive themselves in need of support to avoid becoming at risk. This is the primary prevention space and much of the condition monitoring, lifestyle mentoring and counselling could be achieved through digital means.


24.2 million consultations performed each year by GPs and practice-employed nurses, a 10% rise in the last decade.

Potential solutions

The possibilities to create effective decision support services through our innovation model are great and our solutions would look to address:

  • The development of a trusted personal information management system
  • The development of digital monitoring systems

Examples of the solutions that might address these challenges are:

  • An app that uses colour and music to allow the citizen to explore and understand their mood
  • A digital tool that will allow a citizen to monitor themselves and receive an indication if they are at risk of a stroke or heart attack


Engaging with the development of innovations in alternative digital wellness provides many possible benefits including:

  • The reduction of pressure on primary services
  • Improved management of multi morbidity
  • Citizen data access

Supporting alternative digital wellness innovations

We offer support throughout the innovation process from concept development through to adoption and integration into appropriate health and care settings.

How we help

  • 1Tell us about your idea
  • 2Collaborate with our partners
  • 3Start innovating
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Our alternative digital wellness projects

We bring together people and organisations in the health and social care, charity, technology, design and academic sectors to develop new ideas for an alternative digital wellness service. Take a look at our innovative projects. From an app that uses colour and music to allow the citizen to explore and understand emotion to a digital tool that will allow people to monitor themselves and receive an indication if they are at risk of a stroke or heart attack.

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