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DHI funding status

DHI grant award funding has been fully allocated for the current funding cycle up to January 2017, so we are not processing any new projects at this time.

We are pleased to confirm that DHI has recently received an offer of funding in support of its future business plan (phase two).  DHI is now a “challenge-led” organisation where our work programmes are based on themes determined by the Scottish Government Health & Social Care directorate.

As a result, DHI will no longer have an ‘open application policy’. Phase two will see us move to challenge-led areas of work, from which we will raise calls to form collaborative projects and will see our intake process change.

In support of this, we are no longer seeking specific project ideas, but instead we are seeking businesses, organisations, academics, health and care professionals and others to register their capabilities with us. We will pool these interests and call on them should they be relevant to the identified themes. Please register your details in the relevant pool(s) detailed below:

  • Service capabilities organisations and businesses to register their service capabilities for consideration in potential future projects
  • Professional capabilities (researchers, health and care professionals) - for individuals to register their professional expertise, skills and experience for consideration in potential future projects. This includes academics and health and care professions registering their disciplines.

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 We will share with you in spring our new model for 'How it works'

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