Hugh Anderson

Hugh Anderson, CA

Finance Director

My role at DHI is to make sure that the numbers stack up and help ensure we are heading in the right direction, commercially and strategically.

As a publicly funded organisation, I need to make sure that we are spending public money effectively on the right things with appropriate financial controls and reporting. I also help to ensure we are driving at the right things, asking the difficult questions and pushing the boundaries as we strive to achieve our civic and economic objectives. This involves a myriad of stakeholders, from public sector to commercial. A significant opportunity lies in how we engage with industry and in particular how we can engage with the larger corporates in this space, which is an area I lead on.

I am a qualified Chartered Accountant with a background in industry and corporate finance. I am used to developing compelling propositions to influence senior stakeholders. I love to understand how a market works and determine how to win in it!

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