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The Digital Health & Care Institute (DHI) is part of the Scottish Funding Council’s Innovation Centre Programme which is designed to support transformational collaboration between universities and businesses.

What we do

Recent advances in technology present huge opportunities to build more effective, fit-for-purpose, patient centered health and care services. 

At DHI we bring together people and organisations in the health and social care, charity, technology, design and academic sectors to develop new ideas for digital technology and information services, with the aim of improving the delivery of health and care services for the people of Scotland. 

What we do

What is digital health?

Digital health brings together recent revolutions in healthcare and technology, empowering us to better track, manage, monitor, and improve our own and our family’s health and care environments.

By combining insights from the digital and genomic revolutions we can reduce inefficiencies in healthcare delivery, improve access, minimise costs, increase quality and make health care truly person-centered.

What is digital health?

Scotland's opportunity

We have an urgent need to provide exceptional solutions to known health and care issues, and through digital health innovations developed in Scotland we can improve health outcomes and as well as develop our economy.

The global digital health market is estimated to grow to between $40 - $70bn (USD) by 2018, with a compound annual growth rate of over 22%. At DHI we enable Scotland to seize the opportunity in digital health and care in order to scale its health and care services, meet the demographic challenge and strategically position Scotland as a world leader in the rapidly growing health and care markets.

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Our partners

We create innovative partnerships between industry, professionals and academics. Take a look at the vast range of founding, networking and strategic partners that support and drive the work we do.

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Our projects

By bringing together people and organisations in the health and social care, charity, technology, design and academic sectors, we help our members develop new ideas in digital health and care. From a digital wellness framework which supports physical activity for patients after a knee or hip replacement to a digital tool that allows for non-statutory and statutory data to be loaded onto the same platform in order to have a more complete view of the person, our projects are at the cutting edge of solving the known issues in the delivery of health and social care. Take a look at our innovative projects to find out more.

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Scotland’s Innovation Centres

DHI are proud to be one of Scotland’s first Innovation Centres. Launched to support transformational collaboration between universities and businesses, the primary aim of the Innovation Centre programme is to enhance innovation and entrepreneurship across Scotland’s key economic sectors, create jobs and grow the economy.

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