How to apply

First, you must register

To enter, your mentor must first of all register your team by 3rd April 2017 by completing the online registration form.


Next tell us about your idea


Once you have registered your team, you must work together to develop your idea which must be submitted by the 5th May 2017.

In the application, tell us about your idea in no more than 2000 words.


More specifically, we want to know:

What is it and how does it work?

What health and care problem does your idea solve? And why is this important?

How does your idea apply digital technology?

Could your idea be made available to all young people in Scotland? If so, how?

Why do you think your idea should win?

What do you think will make people want to use your idea? And what benefits will it bring?

What do you think your idea needs to make it a reality?


You will also be required to prepare and upload one of the following, which will describe your idea and how it works:

- A PowerPoint presentation

- An illustration

- A video 

Helping hand

We've pulled together some guides and tips in how to make the most of your application. Click on the links below to access:

Video-making guide

Top tip for writing a winning competition entry

What next?


Shortlisted entries will be notified of their success by 31st May 2017

Shortlisted teams will then be required to attend the #DigiInventorsBootCamp.

All shortlisted teams will attend a programme of exciting master classes with some of Scotland’s greatest digital minds, before working with them to develop a compelling pitch for their digital health idea. The teams will deliver their pitches to the judging panel to compete for first prize.

The winner will be announced in November at Andy Murray Live.