DHI has
formed a consortium with Skills at Work Ltd, Technip and NHS Scotland
Healthy Working Lives to develop a learning resource and mobile app,
Well@Work, to enable individuals to proactively manage and improve their
personal health and wellbeing.


While there are many healthy living and lifestyle apps currently available on the market, most provide general health and wellbeing support. DHI has formed a consortium with Skills at Work Ltd, Technip and NHS Scotland Healthy Working Lives to develop a learning resource and mobile app, Well@Work, to enable individuals to proactively manage and improve their personal health and wellbeing.

This method of delivering NHS-approved content presented in an engaging animated and audio format, with easy-to-understand text will be valuable for many individuals, in particular those belonging to groups whose needs can be hard to meet through traditional channels. This includes employees who may be more difficult to reach due to their geographic location and citizens
who face an increased risk of health inequality as a consequence of social isolation and lower pay. 

The Well@Work app has all the information in one place, with a focus on specific health issues and areas of concern and relevance to employers and NHS Scotland, including healthy weight, physical activity, alcohol, mental wellbeing, back pain and lifestyle.


Feedback from focus groups has been built in to the development of additional modules, including focus groups within an international sub-sea engineering and construction company, Technip and three housing associations.

Most existing apps are not founded on evidence-based designs. The project will start with a phase one proof of concept pilot, which includes an academic evaluation to inform the value of using the product; an approach that is not typical for consumer health and wellbeing apps. The outcome from this academic evaluation will inform a second phase, “proof of concept plus” and third phase, “commercial roll-out”, which will enable the project team to define and establish a proven product. It will also determine the requirements of a robust operational model and sustainable
business model that is fit for commercial roll-out in Scotland, the UK and the EU, with the potential to be rolled out globally.

This project is within the Factory stage of our innovation model and is currently within the initial phase of a proof of concept pilot study.

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