Troponin Phase 2

Troponin Phase 2

Unscheduled care, sometimes referred to as unplanned, urgent or emergency
care, is care that cannot be planned in advance, meaning that services must be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Service areas that provide unscheduled care are under increasing pressure for a number of reasons, including the impact of an ageing population and increasing patient expectations of health and care services. Recognising the impact of these factors, NHS Grampian is exploring ways to redesign and deliver services that will provide a better patient experience and create more financial stability.

The aim of this project is to ensure that when an individual experiences a health emergency they have access to high quality and safe care at the right time, in the right place and provided by the right healthcare professionals.


The project team, including NHS Grampian, the Scottish Ambulance Service, the University of Aberdeen, Samsung and DHI, is exploring the effectiveness of pre-hospital troponin testing in ambulances in patients who are experiencing chest pain.

Troponin testing helps to identify whether a heart attack has taken
place. The test will be performed by paramedics and the results will be used as an additional diagnostic tool to establish the most appropriate location and care pathway for the patient.

The project will be conducted in three delivery phases to test the effectiveness and feasibility of performing troponin tests in ambulances; evaluate the possible placement of blood analysers that can detect levels of troponin, which can indicate heart issues, in an emergency department or an Acute Medical Admissions Unit (AMAU) and review the outcomes of the first two phases, with a view to exploring potential care pathway changes, for example, sending patients with negative results direct to the AMAU, avoiding admission to A&E.

This project is within the factory stage of our innovation model and is currently participating in a DHI funded live trial with NHS Grampian and the Scottish Ambulance Service.

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