Get Active

Get Active

Physical activity is increasingly prescribed to patients for a range of
physical and mental conditions, but its difficult for clinicians to keep records of the activities.


These patients require multiple follow up consultations to monitor progress and levels of physical activity.

Storm Health has developed a digital wellness framework to support physical activity challenges focusing specifically on rehabilitation for patients after a knee or hip replacement. This project is being supported by the Scottish Government, Health Scotland and the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Legacy committee. The aim is to extend the existing framework into a system to support GPs and local medical centres when prescribing physical activity to a patient.

The framework will combine a portal for logging, monitoring and
reporting physical activity with a wearable digital activity tracker, which will automatically record activity data, and a mobile app, which will transfer activity data from the tracker to a website that will be accessible by both patients and GPs.


Storm Health will undertake a pilot in two medical centres in Glasgow and Edinburgh, which will supplement the existing pilot planned for this service within community run leisure centres in Forth Valley, in partnership with Living it Up, an online self-management hub that aims to improve health and wellbeing.

These approaches will evaluate the best way to integrate the framework into the wider NHS service delivery model and how to deploy this service at scale across Scotland and beyond to Europe.
The pilot will demonstrate the value of the service in increasing levels of physical activity and health outcomes of patients with angina, diabetes, obesity and chronic respiratory problems.

This project is within the factory stage of our innovation model and
currently in the initial stages of a DHI funded pilot study.