Dr Sanna Rimpiläinen

Dr Sanna Rimpiläinen

Research & Knowledge Exchange Manager

I provide and coordinate in-house research support for the DHI team, as well as on demand research for the various projects we support. This includes organising tailor-made Exploratories and other ideation workshops to help our partners think differently and to explore new grounds, e.g. around how their services could be rearranged. These workshops bring together diverse stakeholders who would not normally have easy access to communicate with each other. My job also entails engaging with Scottish and International Higher Education Institutions and other organisations in knowledge exchange activities. Furthermore, I coordinate and support the DHI funded Masters’ students’ intake and engagement. The activities of the Research and Knowledge Exchange team precede, underpin and/or feed into the work carried out by the Project Office.

Work at the DHI pulls together the diverse strands of my career to date. Working in research for over 20 years within several disciplines has given me an in-depth understanding of interdisciplinary and collaborative projects, and the nature of different disciplines, something that is essential for working in an interdisciplinary and cross-professional institution such as the DHI. In terms of research, I have an ability to quickly find, collate and internalise vast amounts of information on a new topic, see connections between things within data, analyse these and produce required outputs within set time frames. Experience gained from teaching and coordinating group activities in different contexts helps with organising and running Exploratories and other workshops.

I find it inspiring and energising to have the opportunity to engage daily with a wide variety of professionals and other stakeholders as well as diverse knowledge areas. I also enjoy our work in disrupting existing or usual thinking and working patterns around technologies and services, as well as assisting individuals and groups to envision novel ways to do things.

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