Ciaran Morrison

Ciaran Morrison, Bsc, MSc

Research and Knowledge Exchange Officer

My job includes providing in-house research and support, for both the Knowledge Exchange and wider DHI team. I work on demand for the various projects the DHI supports; helping to organise Exploratories and workshops to help our partners think differently and to explore new areas of research. Workshops allow for stakeholders from various specialities to come together in a setting in which they would otherwise never meet. Part of my role is to engage in knowledge exchange activities between Higher Education Institutions and other organisations. The activities of the Research and Knowledge Exchange team precede, underpin and/or feed into the work carried out by the Project Office.

Working at the DHI provides me with the opportunity to utilise the various skills I have obtained throughout my academic career. The multiple academic works I have performed  have provided me with an in-depth understanding of quantitative and qualitative research methods. I have gained experience in working across multiple disciplines and have collaborated on many academic projects, these experiences are essential for working in an interdisciplinary professional organisation such as the DHI. I am able to analyse large information sets, observing connections, and analysing them to create the required outputs in a clear and coherent fashion. Involvement in both academic and extracurricular group activities have helped improve my communication and engagement skills, both of which are essential in organising and running exploratories.

I find it inspiring to have the opportunity to work in a professional setting that allows me to have a direct effect on the rhetoric of research and public health in Scotland. While also working in a creative manner that allows me to work with a range of stakeholders in various fields, to help improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Scotland.  

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